Getting Rid of It Is the Biggest Productivity Leap You’ll Ever Get

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An Experience that’s Hard To Forget

Right before I jumped

A Listicle About Lists

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Wait, what’s dopamine ?

A Brief History of a Big Dream

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What is the Suez Canal ?

Particle Matter Matters

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Why Throw Them Away When They Can Be Used in Many Different Ways?

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A mid-layer while potting plants

GDPR 101

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And Why I Don’t Regret It

Screenshot Taken By The Author

Tried out the Current Trend-Inspired Minimalism and the Results Were Not What I Expected

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The Former US President’s Prioritisation Strategy

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Dwight D. Eisenhower lived and died years before I was even born. Yet, something that he has left behind has helped me and many others like me. He left behind a simple yet powerful prioritization tool that we call Eisenhower Matrix today.


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