A Catalogue for All My Medium Articles

Bringing order to chaos is a superpower. In different situations, one can apply it in different magnitudes.

Medium’s new UI favors new posts. Readers will have to continuously click on for ‘more’ if they wish to navigate to old articles of any particular writer. Readers seldom do that. They skim through and leave if they do not find anything worth their time. So, I have created a small catalog by combing the URLs of all my articles. …

Three Strong Reasons to Turn Off Notifications

Switching off notifications twice a day is the best decision that I’ve made recently.

Nowadays, I start my work every day by turning off all notifications for exactly 45 minutes. Then I carry out tasks that require uninterrupted focus.

More work gets done this way

Of course, not all tasks happen in that time slot. Instead, the focus time helps in planning. It also helps in reading emails with the intention of understanding, not solely with the intention of immediately replying. It saves me from context switching while working on important presentations. …

Would You like AI to Prepare Your Next Meal?

Cooking is not my passion. I don’t hate it. I simply don’t enjoy cooking as much as I enjoy other things. That’s one reason why I got excited when I first read about Moley. The second reason for the ecstasy is the fact that I love to see AI in action.

As the world’s first robotic kitchen, Moley is an AI-based robot whose creators claim it to be an excellent chef. With metallic arms integrated with a specially designed benchtop and elegant movements, the Moley Robotic Kitchen alias the MK1 is a feast to the eyes.

If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far?

In northern Europe, bordered by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, reigns Estonia. A developed nation with high income, high HDI, and an advanced economy, Estonia might sound like a great place to be. It is a great place to be, except during winters.

Due to its geographical location, the winter days are too short, cold, and dark making it quite depressing. In fact, Estonia isn’t the only nation that gets affected by seasonal depression catalyzed by winters. Many places that are close to either of the two poles, get affected by this. …

Don’t Netflix to Chill

Thank God or Science that it’s Friday.

By 3:30 on Fridays, most people would have already lost the mood to work. Some will be looking forward to the drinks or dinners. Some will be looking forward to sleeping in for the next two days. Some might be just glad that there is no work till Monday while others might be hoping to catch up with friends or do some work around the house.

Whatever you are looking forward to, by Monday morning it would feel like the weekend was over before you even finished blinking your eyes.

Why do weekends feel so short?

The way our…

Technology Communication Is an Art of Its Own

One of the superpowers of a technology manager is the ability to make the business understand the tech realms. It’s a skill that is hard to master. Multiple unsuccessful and successful attempts have taught me a few lessons that helped in becoming better at it.

The simplest thing way to ease up these conversations is to avoid tech jargon and acronyms.

Elon Musk once wrote an email to all of his SpaceX staff with the subject like ‘Acronyms Seriously Suck’. In another leaked mail called ‘productivity recommendations’, he lists ‘jargon avoidance’. Elon Musk doesn’t hate jargon and acronyms cause he can’t understand them. …

A Listicle About Lists

Medium loves listicles. But Medium shouldn’t be the only place for which you write lists for. Lists help in every aspect of our life where we want to get this done. Lists are the simplest yet the most effective dopamine boosters.

Wait, what’s dopamine ?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. In simple terms, it is a chemical that your body makes. Your nervous system uses it to send messages between the nerve cells. While I do not want to extend this article to the realm of neuroscience, I wish to note one thing here. Among all the functions dopamine performs, the most well-known one is…

A Brief History of a Big Dream

The recent event at the Suez Canal has made many of us realise how much the world still depends on physical transportation of goods despite all the e-revolution. Suez Canal has been in the news for the last few days for the wrong reasons. It plays a critical role globally, yet we seldom spoke about it before this issue.

What is the Suez Canal ?

In simple terms, a waterway that connects Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. Interestingly, it was artificially created in 1858 to shorten the route between Asia and Europe. Prior to 1858, ships travelling between Asia and Europe had to go around…

Particle Matter Matters

The silhouette of tall black buildings in the backdrop of a scarlet-red sky was a spectacular sight. The scenery from my 10th-floor apartment looks beautiful every day. But that day, it had a rare, deep hue. I wanted to go out on the balcony for a closer view but couldn't go because the air was smoky.

This happened last year, in the early months of 2020 when the Australian forests were burning. The bushfires in the Blue Mountains were gifting red skies to many Sydney suburbs.

It isn’t just forest fires that can gift such views. The sky after a…

Why Throw Them Away When They Can Be Used in Many Different Ways?

Our council’s green waste-bin received a surplus amount of fresh-cut lawn grass from me for months. I moved to my new house after living in an apartment for ages and didn’t know that there were other options until my Mom pointed out a few during her visit. Days later during a casual talk, my neighbour shared more ideas.

Lawn grass is a great source of Nitrogen. Yes, you guessed it right, it makes a great fertilizer. Here are some creative ways to reap benefits from it.

A mid-layer while potting plants

When store-bought plants are potted to new containers, the chance of them dying out…


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