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Vidhya Parvathy R.
Nerd who writes in a wide range of genres that strike her fancy

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Lesson 1: When you disrespect someone’s time, you’ll lose the respect they have for you

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Let’s begin with Alektorophobia or fear of chickens

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For the last 10 months, I was in a job where the work turned out to be completely different from what was told during the interview.

Source. Flying cars have been talked about for ages

The dream was first noted in 1936 by Henry Ford when he displayed “sky flivver”, a single-seat aeroplane

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Bruce Tuckman was an American psychological researcher and professor of educational psychology at the Ohio state university

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The most annoying habit is sending a not-so-critical email to tens of people even though only one person needs to act on it

Vidhya Parvathy R.

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